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There is beauty in these scenes that often goes unnoticed

Onela Keal

Onela’s work is inspired by an interest in architecture and man made structures that shape the everyday environments we exist in. Attracted in particular to industrial forms, she explores the idea that there is beauty in these scenes that often goes unnoticed. How the light falls and the way these forms are viewed are eagerly considered in the compositions, often producing surprising results, allowing us to appreciate our surroundings with a new perspective. The lack of human presence and the minimal reference to nature in the images isolate the constructions, inviting the viewer to consider them as objects on their own and question the notion of whether the spaces they create and atmospheres they emanate make them attractive in their own right.

Living in Bristol, United Kingdom and travelling extensively throughout Europe and other parts of the world for the last 15 years, Onela established herself as a painter, working in the largest independent artist studios outside of London. Jamaica Street Artists (JSA), being a collective of around 40 artists with a large number of professionals in the mix, enabled a solid platform in which to develop. The yearly exhibitions organised by the group provided exposure leading to a solo exhibition, gallery representation and collective exhibitions within the Royal West Academy of England and the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

Onela has recently returned to Australia to explore it’s environs and discover how they can lend themselves to her painting. Influenced by the American precisionists, she is keen to investigate both rural settings with it’s silos and quarries, as well as urban scenes that represent both modern iconic architecture along with the industrial structures existing amongst them.


2015 – JSA Open Studio Exhibition
2014 – JSA Open Studio Exhibition
2013 – JSA Open Studio Exhibition
2012 – Open Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy
2012 – JSA Open Studio Exhibition
2011 – JSA Open Studio Exhibition
2010 – JSA Open Studio Exhibition
2010 – Inside Out Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy
2009 – JSA Open Studio Exhibition
2009 – JSA Auction and Exhibition, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
2009 – Solo Exhibition, Severn Shed
2008 – JSA Open Studio Exhibition
2007 – JSA Open Studio Exhibition

Represented by

2008 to 2014 – Nails Gallery, Bristol
2016 – Aarwun Gallery, Canberra